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UPES Hypervision student chapter was established in 2011, under the patronage of UPES. The chapter focuses on peer mentoring and introduced an abstract of family concept according to which a specific family number is allotted to each student and a mentor was respectively assigned to ensure a productive and guided overall growth of the student in academics and personality.We have shared our journey with the best of the lot. The chapter aims at a comprehensive development of the students through series of events round the year that makes them aware of their strengths and the weaknesses and helps them to think out of the box.UPES Hypervision also organizes events and webinars throughout the academic year to assure a better learning platform. CODE HUSTLE, is our major 2-round coding event that brushes the sharp approach of budding computer science engineers by involving real life coding problems with general coding concepts.Apart from the technical events, the highlights of our fun events include, online gaming, an active talent hunt program wherein students from different disciplines come together to share the stage set by Hypervision.We also work towards the social well-being of the community by regularly conducting CSR-activities, weekly social responsibilities and much more. The chapter functions through a core-committee selected at the start of the academic session. The chapter is thankful to Dr. Manish Prateek and Dr. Monit Kapoor for their invaluable support and guidance that made us start this venture and bring it to a glorious pedestal. We are now a family of over 50 core committee members and are on a pursuit of achieving an exceptional level of excellence.Every year, during the recruitment drive, we actively look for applications from all every interested students in different domains of work-culture. We aim to create an environment, where we learn, work hand-in-hand, so an individual gets an insight of being industry ready.









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Coding Events

Code Hustle.

Inverse coding

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Community Service

Balloon Day

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Summer Excitment

Conducted annually in month of May.

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Annual Report 2019-20

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Mridul Thapa


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Ishan Bhadula

Vice President

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Devansh Pal

General Secretary


-Hypervision was started by UPES with our Alumni’s in view of peer-mentoring and learning, in the year 2011.

-Peer mentoring is a concept of sharing knowledge where students from different disciplines comes together to learn and help each other.

-The Family concept is recognized by UPES where each student is in a particular family from 1 through 9. You can calculate the family number by repeatedly adding the last 3 digits of your enrollment number until you find a single digit.

-Hypervision recruits every year when the new academic-session starts, a mail in this regard is sent out to all the students.

-You can reach Hypervision at any of our social handles: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or you can write to us at corehypervision@gmail.com

-The team at Hypervision changes every year, with promotions and change of departments. Every year we have around 50+ people working with us and have n alumni base of 300+ members.

-By default every student of the University of a member of Hypervision as we work on the family concept. As for the first-year students, you can definitely apply for the recruitment drive when we start recruiting for the academic year.

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